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Frequently Asked Questions

The earlier the better but there is no minimum notice time. For flight planning purposes, it is best to give not less than 3-hour notice. However in the case of an emergency, the advance booking time can be cut down to 1 hour. All are encouraged to book early, especially during peak times, as confirmation will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Generally flights operate without a cabin crew as there is no regulatory requirement for this. This is also to allow privacy. However, should you wish to have a cabin attendant on your flight, one can be arranged at a nominal fee and subject to the availability of a spare seat on board. This can be requested at the time of booking.
The aircraft has provision for both hot and cold drinks. Box meals will be catered and passengers will be able to help themselves to this during the flight. Upgraded meals can be provided at additional cost.
The cost is US$1,700 per hour all inclusive of parking, crew, waiting, fuel etc.
The aircrafts are able to accommodate a total of 7 passengers.
There is no fixed allowance. However, if there are 7 passengers on board, the baggage allowance is 20kg per person. More allowance per person when there are less passengers on board.
This aircraft type is built to be able to operate in and out of small airports, which big jets are not able to operate. Our jets only require a 1000-meter long runway to land, a quarter of the length of the runway at Changi Airport.
Yes, with refuelling stops. For all destinations in excess of the range of the aircraft, we will arrange for the jets to make a refuelling stop enroute.
There is no charge if the jet waits for you for 2 or less days. However if the jet is booked during that time, it fulfil the other booking and will return at the appointed time and airport to pick you up.
Yes. A few hours delay on either way is quite acceptable, unless there is another booking for the jet by another party.
The only thing we request is that there be no smoking on board. The final decision on whether to gamble or not rests with the passengers themselves.
This will happen from time to time and is understandable when it is beyond anyone's control. However, frequent bookings and cancellations deprive other owners of the use of the jet. Hence a penalty scheme may be put in place if this happens often.
Bookings can be made by either calling our 24-hour hotline, by sending an email to us, or by filling in a request on our website. Our crew are on standby at all times. .
Yes, the aircraft is insured for the full market value of the plane. There is also a third party insurance and a passenger insurance.