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Travelling by executive jets significantly reduces flight time as it is a point-to-point service. Not only it decreases the block or total travel time because it is able to land in smaller airports closer to final destinations, the office environment in a business aircraft allows travel time to become productive time.


Passengers who travel on executive jets do not have to alter their schedule to conform to those of commercial carriers. Consequently, they have the freedom to change course en route and depart and arrive according to their own schedules.


Executive jets are engineered and built to the highest standards, and companies that maintain their own aircraft have complete control of the readiness of their fleet.




In recent years, executive jets have acquired an outstanding safety record that is comparable to or better than that of commercial airlines.

Improved Marketing Efficiency

Executive jets not only extend the reach of a sales force, but they are able to quickly and easily bring customers to the point of sale.

Facilities Control

Executive jets help management improve its control by facilitating personal visits to remote company sites.



Privacy and Comfort

Conversations on executive jets are confidential and cabins can be configured to accommodate virtually any special needs of the passengers.


An executive jet enables a company to maximize its two most important assets: people and time.


A company that uses executive jets is able to controls all aspects of its travel including the safety and visibility of its employees on sensitive missions.





  • You only need to purchase one share of US$800,000 FOR THE HAWKER 700 or USD1.2M FOR THE HAWKER 800 to own the jet.
  • Only 6 shares will be offered to ONLY 6 prospective owners.
  • With this investment, each shareholder/owner gets a 1/6th interest in an a private jet in perpetuity. You can buy more than one share.
  • In the first year of the aircraft operation, you enjoy as much as 70 hours free usage of the aircraft.
  • From the second year onwards, you continue to enjoy the same 70 hours of free flying time per year at a nominal fee of US$100,000 per year. There are no other additional fees or costs imposed for crew, parking maintenance, insurance, fuel and general management and marketing costs. Strictly no hidden costs.

Strictly no hidden costs



Ownership Benefits

  • 1/6th ownership of an executive jet.
  • 70 hours of aircraft usage a year, every year for 5 years, total 350 hours.
  • All aircraft related costs taken care of: crew, maintenance, fuel & oils, insurance, landing, parking etc.
  • 30% of the net revenue when aircraft is chartered out to non-owners at normal commercial rates.
  • Special owners preferential rate for additional flying time above 70 hours a year.
  • Equal share in the sales proceeds of the aircraft for the owners when it is sold at end of 5 years.
  • No maintenance and management fees in the first year.
  • Shares can be sold to anyone, anytime during the 5 years tenure.
  • Expenses are tax deductible.
  • Total freedom to fly non-stop to any destination with an international airport within 4 hours of flying time.